Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trees and winter scnenes

Trees and winter scenes Oregon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Young's River and Young's Bay

Youngs river bridge. A drawbridge. I never could figure out why they just didn't build a new bridge. They built all these draw bridges instead of just building the bridge a little taller.
Young's bay.

dogs and flowers

View of what is now a golf course.

construction scenes

Some random stuff I took pictures of. The lumber isle and some concrete forms. A Red corvette that I liked.

Astoria Post Office

Clatsop County court house.

Astoria post office.

Astoria post office. The post office and court house are pretty cool older buildings. Lots of marble and stone pillars.

Small town signs and things

Really good Croation food. Drina Daisy, Astoria, Oregon.

This floral shop actually burnt up a while ago. There's a new business there.


I like salsa.