Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stone walls

Stone wall.

River Rock

landscapes and lawns

Nice modern ranch style home with some fresh landscaping.

Money I need more of it

I could always use more money.

Crumpled dollar bills and change.


This firetruck had a lot of action.


Here's some sunsets and other random photographs. Astoria area. Young's Bay.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Young's River and Young's Bay

Youngs river bridge. A drawbridge. I never could figure out why they just didn't build a new bridge. They built all these draw bridges instead of just building the bridge a little taller.
Young's bay.

dogs and flowers

View of what is now a golf course.

construction scenes

Some random stuff I took pictures of. The lumber isle and some concrete forms. A Red corvette that I liked.

Astoria Post Office

Clatsop County court house.

Astoria post office.

Astoria post office. The post office and court house are pretty cool older buildings. Lots of marble and stone pillars.

Small town signs and things

Really good Croation food. Drina Daisy, Astoria, Oregon.

This floral shop actually burnt up a while ago. There's a new business there.


I like salsa.

Hometown blues

I used to work at this fabric store. I was the janitor.

The scooner was bought out and it is a pretty nice resturant these days

Memories of all the stuff I left behind. I walked these streets a lot in my early years.

As close as it gets

Liberty theatre. Rumor is it is haunted. I don't really care about all of that. I stopped caring about the theatre when it stopped showing movies. It's a pretty nice historical building. You might visit just check it out.

Painting dumpster and paper machines if kinda a tradition in Astoria. It started a while back when people realized the town is dull. It's grey all the time there. It rains. It doesn't make people want to stay when everything here is ugly. There's been a lot of work to make the town more attractive to visitors.
This little coffee shop has some great tea.